Product Warranties

Roof Replacement, Installation, And Repair Services in West Michigan

Due to the large amount of products we offer all warranties will be given during estimate.

Both our quality products and workmanship are backed by the best warranties in the business.

Most shingled roofs are built to last only twenty years or so. While 30 year shingles are available, the odds that your roof has them are relatively low unless it has been replaced recently. Roof replacement can be one of the most costly projects for your home, but the expense more than justifies the protection afforded your family, your home’s interior and your possessions. At Smart Roofing Systems, we want to make both the project and the process of roof replacement and repair as painless and affordable as possible.

Smart Roofing Systems offers quality professional home roof repair and replacement throughout West Michigan – including Grand Rapids, Lansing, Kalmazoo, and Holland. We have the skilled craftsmen to complete the job. Our roofing jobs are installed by dedicated crews of experienced craftsmen who take pride in their work. Our craftsmen stay on site until the work is complete, all clean up is done and our customer’s are totally satisfied. Read our testimonials to find out just how satisfied.

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