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Flat and low sloping roofs offer a unique challenge for the building owner. In the past many materials used to coat flat roofs have proven unreliable. In addition the installation of good materials by unskilled craftsmen often leads to the premature failure of the roof system.

Smart Roofing Solutions has the tools, experience and materials to find the right fit for your flat roof.

Not All Roof Materials Are Created Equal

When considering your choice of roofing materials, you must consider not only the costs of installation or repair but also the long-term maintenance costs associated with the type of flat roof surfacing material you select. Installing a roof may cost you less in the short term, but the added expense of continuous maintenance to keep the roof from leaking can eat into any business owners bottom-line. Inexpensive flat roof materials can have limited life spans.

Two examples of high performance materials used in modern flat roofs are TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) membrane and Copolymer alloy roofing (CPO) membranes such as those produced by IB Roof Systems.

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Comparison of Flat Roof Materials

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There are many types of roofing materials available to the business owner. Here we examing the benefits and drawbacks of some of the most popular types of flat roofs out there:

Built-Up Roof

A BUR roof is made of of multiple layers of asphalt felt, with a final covering of coal tar, pitch or liquid asphalt. Gravel is often added to provide UV protection. BUR roofs are not installed by Smart Roofing systems, but can be repaired upon request.

Modified Bitumen

MB roofs are asphalt roofs which are chemically modified to give them a rubber-like or plastic consistency. Because MB roof coatings are inferior to modern materials, Smart Roofing Systems does not install MB roofs. We can, however, repair them upon request.

Thermoplastic Polyolefin

TPO roofs are highly waterproof, they retain in waterproof capabilities throughout their life, are non-flammable, easy to install and repair, weldable and remains pliable at low temperatures. Smart Roofing Systems offers installation and repair of TPO Roofing Systems.

IB Roof Systems

By far and away our preferred choice of roofing material for new installations and roof replacements, this single ply membrane roofing material has nearly three decades of continuous performance history without a single material failure.

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Flat Roof Drainage Guide

A Little Professional Help Goes a Long Ways

Drainage on any roof is critical. Because of the weight of water, the more you are able to get off the roof the better your buildings health will be. Minor puddling or small pools of water are not anything to be concerned with as far as your roofing systems performance, for that is what a flat roofing system should allow for.

IBF Reflective Roofing System

Reduced Energy and Long-Term Ownership Costs

IB is a high performance PVC membrane that is superior to similar competing products. There are significant advantages to using the IB Roof Systems including reduced energy costs and a lower overall cost of ownership. Plus, it comes with a great 25-year commercial warranty on top of its low maintenance requirements. Be sure to read all of the details in our green roofing guide for business owners. Interested in learning more? We have several case studies and testimonials.

The following chart below illustrates why an IB Roof far outweighs other types of roof materials in long-term costs of ownership for your business:

Sunlight Reflective Flat Roofing

Case Studies and Testimonials

We can tell you we install a great flat roof, but why don’t you listen to customers who have used the systems? The roofing products we expertly install speak for themselves!

IB Roofing Case Studies:

What Our Satisfied Customers Say:

Gerard from Savannah College of Art and Design says:

“IB Roof Systems has been a refreshing change….the new system has saved us countless other water damaging expenses”
– Gerard McMahon, Executive Director of Physical Plant
Savannah College of Art and Design

Don from Major Funeral Home says:

“I have never seen a roof system that I was more impressed with. In my lifetime I will never have to worry about our company’s roof. And probably not my son’s lifetime either.”
– Don Major, Owner
Major Funeral Home

With decades of commercial roofing experience, Smart Roofing Systems Commercial & Flat Roofing can quickly and expertly install your new IB Roof Systems flat roof.