Interior Wall Sound Insulation

Prevent Energy Transfer and Protect your Privacy!

Smart Roofing Systems is proud to be working with one of the top-selling soundproofing solutions in the world.

When Green Glue is applied between two sheets of drywall, plywood or any commonly used building materials in construction, it effectively eliminates up to 90% of the noise transfer from one room to another.

Floors and Walls:

  • Dramatic reductions in impact and airborne noise
  • Reduction or elimination of flanking noise
  • The easiest, lowest cost, and most effective upgrade to an existing wall available. Superior to any other technology at reduction of low-frequency impact noise (where under-laments and pads fail)
  • Superior to expensive pre-damped drywall options when applied in real-world conditions
  • Superior damping, ease of application, tolerance to real-world variations, and drastically lower impact on critical frequency than any alternative


Noise Reduction Case Study

Green Glue Application Example

The test specimen was 2 layers of 5/8″ drywall damped with Green Glue. This audio file demonstrates the dramatic noise decay over 8 feet in a Green Glue damped 5/8″ drywall panel. The majority of noise in the second segment is simple background noise.

Gaps between soundproofed floors and walls can have a major impact on sound transfer from room to room. By Smart Roofing Systems using noise proofing Sealant, sound isolation can be improved, eliminating leaks and leading too significant noise reduction.

Don’t let the Noise in your life drive you crazy. Let Smart Roofing Systems soundproof your home theater, office or any other area that you need. We can help eliminate traffic or aircraft noise, or noise from the condo above you. Let the Team at Smart Roofing Systems build you a quieter world.