Soffit Vents

Distorted and curled up shingles are often a sign of insufficient or complete lack of attic ventilation. Attic ventilation is crucial in keeping your home’s roof sound and your interior comfortable.

Having Smart Roofing Systems install soffit vents will increase the airflow under your roof. This will:

  • Extend the life of your roof
  • Help alleviate ice dams
  • Reduce attic condensation in the winter
  • Reduce your heat build-up in the summer
  • Save you money on your air-conditioning bill

The idea is that the soffit vents allow cool fresh air into your attic while the roof vents exhaust the hot humid air. A general guideline for determining the number of vents you need is at least one square foot of intake vents (soffit) and one square foot of exhaust vents (roof vent) for every 150 square feet of ceiling.

Types of Soffit Ventilation

There are two basic types of soffit vents: either a contiguous vent or an individual vents which come in round and square varieties.

Let Smart Roofing Systems, who specializes in attic ventilation, inform you which ventilation systems are best for your home.