IB Reflective Roofing System

Reduced Energy and Long-Term Ownership Costs

IB is a high performance PVC membrane that is superior to similar competing products.

There are significant advantages to using the IB Roof Systems including reduced energy costs and a lower overall cost of ownership. Plus, it comes with a great 25-year commercial warranty on top of its low maintenance requirements. Be sure to read all of the details in our green roofing guide for business owners. Interested in learning more? We have several case studies and testimonials.

The following chart below illustrates why an IB Roof far outweighs other types of roof materials in long-term costs of ownership for your business:

Roofing Materials Comparison Chart:

With decades of commercial roofing experience, Smart Roofing Systems Commercial & Flat Roofing can quickly and expertly install your new IB Roof Systems flat roof.  Contact us today for more information.