Gutter Covers and Screens

Ensuring Proper Drainage throughout the Seasons

Gutter guards are designed to keep the debris out of the gutter. To accomplish this, the gutter guard is usually one these basic designs:

  • Filler – A block of porous material is placed in the gutter. This block minimizes the room left in the gutter for leaves and other debris, so the leaves don’t stay in the gutter. The water flows through the block, allowing the gutter to drain into the gutter system’s downspouts.
  • Screen – A plastic or metal screen or mesh is placed on the top of the gutter. This provides a barrier into the gutter through which only small particles of debris can pass.
  • Filter – A filter is placed on the top of the gutter that allows water to enter the gutter, but filters out leaves and debris. A filter is often topped with a screen.
  • Cap – The gutter is topped with a solid cap which basically seals off the open gutter.

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