Downspouts and Drainage Guide

Steps to Correcting Roof Drainage Issues

The first step in correcting foundation drainage issues is to determine if the soil around your home has the proper slope. Fortunately this is fairly easy to check. Obtain a nice straight 2×4 that is 10 feet long and a carpenters level. The ground should slope away from the house at least 6 inches over 10 feet, check the ground slope all around home about every 3 feet.

Now that you have determined your foundation slope and your plan to correct any slope problems, it is time to figure out how to correct any downspout drainage issues. Let Smart Roofing Systems help you determine what your best downspout needs are.

If you have too much roof area draining through a single downspout, or two down spouts very close together, you will want to consider altering your gutter and downspout arrangement to add more downspouts or rearrange the ones you have. Downspouts are typically available in four shapes: rectangular corrugated, round corrugated, smooth round and spiral. Each shape of downspout is made to fit the matching shape of gutter system. Rectangular white aluminum downspouts with K style gutters are the most common.

Smart Roofing Systems Team of Gutter and Downspout experts will:

  • Analyze the current gutter and downspouts you have
  • Determine the best gutter and down spout system for your home
  • Give a competitive quote for all your roofing and drainage needs