Flat Roof Drainage Guide

A Little Professional Help Goes a Long Ways

Drainage on any roof is critical. Because of the weight of water, the more you are able to get off the roof the better your buildings health will be. Minor puddling or small pools of water are not anything to be concerned with as far as your roofing systems performance, for that is what a flat roofing system should allow for. Let Smart Roofing Systems set up a maintenance program for you and let us do all the checking for you.

Flat Roof Drainage Problems

Improper roof slope:

Drains not installed in a sump can cause the drain ring to block drainage enough to create a 2’ by 2’ puddle of standing water. In turn, the standing water will accelerate the collection of debris on the roof surface that will cause the standing water volume to continually increase until maintenance is performed and the debris is cleared away.

Improper Installation:

  • Primary and/or secondary drains installed at the wrong elevation.
  • The risk for the roofing contractor to install the wrong drain ring and water dam on the wrong drain is quite high if not familiar with flat roof needs.
  • Or having the secondary drain installed at too low of an elevation will cause almost permanent ponding of water around the drain causing more problems.

Light duty parts:

Plastic parts are a problem because in most cases the plastic parts do not last as long as a typical roofing system so the plastic parts crumble and fall into the drains and clog the drains or blow away and the drain is unprotected until the roof is replaced

Improper maintenance:

What is common is cleaning the drain only well enough to allow the backed up water to drain and not removing the debris from the roof, which will wash back to the roof drain and cause an obstruction to the drain again.

Be Smart and let Smart Roofing Systems be your Solution:

  • We can verify that the roof drains primary and secondary are installed at the proper location and elevation.
  • Smart Roofing Systems will create a proper maintenance program and schedule to prevent blockage of the drainage system.
  • We always provide quality fixtures and parts to do the job intended.
  • Our Team of Flat roof drainage experts will help eliminate any of your drainage issues.

Contact us today for a no-obligation consulation on solving draingage problems for your flat roof.